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If the genie from the bottle comes out and ask for a wish from smokers without a doubt many of them would ask for an alternative of cigarettes because every single person who smokes knows the disadvantage of smoking so they will surely ask for a second option or an alternative which will help them to enjoy their habit without the fear of mouth cancer, and extreme addiction and risk of life that go along with smoking.

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It seems to be unrealistic, Yelton once said about electronic cigarettes, “however after much research, I understood this was the response to the smoking issue, and deliberately I wanted to share it to others battling to find another option.”

A smoker himself he wants to find the alternative of the cigarettes and in 2008 he came up with the alternative that would fulfil the need of cigarettes with none of the critical impacts of the synthetic loaded cigarettes that right now fill the mark.

So, smokers who want to eliminate the harmful chemicals in cigarettes without giving up on smoking now have the best alternativeMyFreedomSmokes, it’s an online website which deals with e-cigarettes, starter kits, Bottle disposal and accessories.


There are numbers of products sold by Myfreedomsmokes such as e-cigarettes, e liquids and etc. However, they also sell batteries, starter kits and bundles, nicotine, etc.

They have their online page where they keep their clients informed on the most recent items, news, new products and about the discount codes. Their page has various blogs written which helps people to know and learn about the latest news on vaping and their products.

They have shared an immense amount of tips and tricks for the beginners, for intermediate level and professionals as well.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions) On Myfreedomsmokes.

How to avail Myfreedomsmokes Discount Codes?

The page contains a list of coupons available on MyFreedomSmokes products.

Is there any Side effects of vape?

Everything is not perfect, each product comes with pros and cons and side effects of vape is dryness, itchiness, dry eyes, mouth dryness, laziness and many more.

What are e-cigarettes?

An electronic cigarette, which is also knows as e-cigarette among different names, is a handheld battery-controlled vaporizer that mimics smoking and gives a portion of the behavioral features of smoking.

Does-cigarettes causes cancer?

Testing has been done by FDA and similarly, it has been done by other labs too just to know whether it causes cancer or not and they found the small amount of tobacco which are known to cause cancer but as it has the less amount of nitrosamines thus it cannot cause cancer.

What is a starter kit?

They contain all the essentials of the fundamentals you requirement for an item that just works straight out of the case. Kits contain a mod, tank, loops and new parts; or a gadget and cases. To get vaping, all you have to include is some vape juice and a battery (if it’s not implicit).