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Travelodge Discount Code

Ever since the human race has existed, moving from one place to other for business related deals, for vacations with family or traveling for a message to be sent from one place to other, human traveling has existed.

It is self-explanatory that when one travels from one place to the other. They would need a safe comfortable place to stay in for the days they spend away from their homes that is where the concept of hotels, motels, and inns come in. Since centuries the concept of inns where people stay as guests while traveling has been there and it has always evolved into something better with time.

Initially, we used to have small restaurants or bars, serving as inns or guesthouses where people who come from different towns or kingdoms would stay, soon the concept got modified and we started having hotels and resorts specifically being built for the purpose of serving as a guesthouse for tourists or people who wish to stay away from their homes.

Currently, we have thousands of hotels, guesthouses, etc in every country serving people who are living away from their homes.

Travelodge and their hotels:

Being at our A game all the time and serving our customers with nothing but the best quality of comfort and joy, we at Travelodge offer our services of world-class luxurious hotels in around 540 locations across Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Our hotels are designed to cater to people from different professions and classes, to make that possible we offer a variety of quality, types of rooms and services along with an appropriate price range so our services do not stay limited to the niche market of elite people but are also available to people coming from other social strata backgrounds.

We make sure our prices for everyone are as economical as they are and they feel the money they spent with us is absolutely worth the reward of comfort, joy, and luxury they got in return from us. It is often seen by customers as an uplifting factor that other than on spot rooms, we also offer other attractive facilities.

This includes our scrumptious food and beverages, our restaurants make food with great taste that is made from the finest ingredients available, our restaurants and inside bars are offered in 180 of our hotels and will soon be available in more.

We hold great honor in stating that our restaurants are equipped with complete hygienic utensils and all standard protocols required by our employees (chefs, waiters, tenders, etc) are followed radically. Our delicious loaded menu comes with plenty of dishes including but not limited to loaded stoned-baked pizza, healthy satisfying salads, juicy burgers and a list of mouthwatering special desserts.

To stay up to date with consumer’s needs and growing choices we make sure our menu is regularly updated and every in fashion dish is available to our guests, in the comfort of their rooms and in the luxurious fashion of dine-in in our in house restaurants giving you a chance to enjoy great food away from home.

Our inside bars will never fail to achieve their motive of lightening up your heavy day by letting you enjoy a good drink served to you in great style accompanied by a melody of music and a chance to meet new people and make friends on your tour.

Travelodge Super rooms:

  • Our Super rooms are all you need to spend a great luxurious time away from home; all the facilities offered in these rooms are of fine quality and will give you more reason to not get out of your bed in your room. The Travelodge super rooms come with a coffee making machine in your room, the bath comes with a jet adjustable shower, joined by a soft mattress, our bed also has firm or soft hypoallergenic pillows, beautiful blackout curtains making sure the sunlight does not disturb you in your sleep, while the wall has an extravagant Samsung free view 32inch TV, in-room hairdryer, iron and ironing board are just some of the luxury items present in your super room. The main purpose of these rooms is to make sure you do not get a chance to wish your comfortable room back in your city.

Travelodge PLUS; Added Value:

  • Our super rooms are indeed a great experience for a person and will give the best and much needed luxurious comfort to you. Imagine staying in a hotel with super rooms with added features and luxuries as well as more facilitating hotels such as with a stylish inside bar. Travelodge plus hotels offer you super rooms with added features and increased in hotel facilities such as stylish restaurants, good menu, and a nice bar.

Our reach and achievements:

  • Travelodge brand is a big name when it comes to hotels especially in the United Kingdom where we operate around 40,847 rooms in around 543 hotels around the states of England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Ireland. Each year more than 18 million people stay in our hotels blessing our business with their presence, out of which 90% made their bookings through our direct channels. Throughout our 543 hotels, we employ more than 11,000 people in different aspects of management making sure we serve them as a healthy employer with flexible hours and reasonable wages paying them back for their contributions and devotion towards our company. We have inaugurated more than 30 new hotels within the last three years only and will soon be working on the expansion of our network of hotels even further. Growing our business with maintaining our quality and sophistication is our motive and we will stick to that,

Being a part of such a competitive industry is always more challenging than the rest but that is what brings out the best from you and that surely is what has happened to us.

Extreme competition has made us work to our cores and push ourselves to our limits while we continue to do so, we hope that soon we will taste more success and will serve our valuable customers right.