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More about Foreo:

In just few years they have made the name in the industry. Even the number of employees was increased from just 2 to 3,000 and in that period.They have even shipped more than 20M Foreo products.

The Foreo was established in 2013 and its operation was started in Sweden, ultimately making it a proud Swedish line of beauty products. They have several different products which include e-toothbrushes, eye massager, facial cleansers and anti-ageing brushes.


The LUNA™ 2

The Luna 2 is for sensitive skin, it’s a silicone facial cleanser made to provide the gentle look for the skin and to enhance more cleansing experience.

The LUNA 2 for MEN

The LUNA 2 for Men drives away dead pores and skin cells and unclogs pores of 99.5% of dust and oil and its reverse anti-getting old side uses lower-frequency pulsations to visibly reduce exceptional strains and wrinkles.

Foreo Luna Play

Foreo introduced its best product Foreo Luna Play as it contains a battery which lasts for 100 uses before it turns off. Moreover, it allows you to enjoy the most joyful experience of skincare.

Foreo Luna Luxe

 Foreo Luna Luxe is an anti-ageing brush and it’s the most advanced introduction in Foreo Family or we can even say to any skincare regime. It helps in deep skin cleansing and eliminating signs of anti-ageing and it helps to glow your skin.


ISSA is an oral product of Foreo which helps you to clean your teeth effectively and remove the stains on your teeth and helps you to make your gums healthier.

Foreo ISSA Mikro

ISSA Mikrois an oral product of Foreo which, just like its older counter-part, cleans teeth effectively and remove the stains that might appear on them. It is, however, designed to be suitable for children only.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about


Is there any Foreo signup Promo code?

Yes, Foreo do offers signup promo code which you can use at your first purchase and gets 11% discount

Does Foreo offer a Student discount code?

If you are a student, you can enjoy 15% discount on Foreo product by using student promo code.

How long will it work?

It lasts up-to 7 months on a single charge

 Does Foreo offer free delivery?

Foreo offers free delivery on orders worth more than $50