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Fred Chang founded this business in 2001, and he worked so hard to bring his business to the level that it has reached until now. Fred Chang was the immigrant in the United States from Taiwan. After 8 years of success, he finally stepped down as the CEO of the company but decided to stay on the board of directors. Newegg’s head office is situated in California, United States.
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More about Newegg:

Newegg has the wide variety of products on its website, including cell phones, tablets, PCs, Mixers, RAMs, Laptops, Microwave, LEDs, Hard drive, Customized computer casing, Speakers and Bluetooth devices for automobiles. Once you visit the site, you can easily navigate your desired product as the website is so easy to use. You will get all the information regarding your product and the price list from which you can easily select your product and also match the price from any other online store.

NewEgg Promo Code 20 Off on Entire Order:

Newegg tries to satisfy his customers with their reasonable price range so that the customers can buy his/her desired item without worrying about the budget. They also give Newegg promo code 20% off on entire order so that the customer can avail discounts on their purchase. This coupon justifies its name as it offers a 20% discount on all products.

In a short time, Newegg Inc. made its name in the market among the customers. They started to attract more and more customers within time as their services are very professional, and their delivery timing was astonishingly superb. They receive the best reviews from customers from all around the world. Newegg Inc. is based in North America, but they do deliver them in 50 other countries. They cover the vast region of the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific.  They have made their name in a very short amount of time and now considered as a leading online shopping destination for computer and consumer electronics.

The Motto of Newegg:

Newegg Inc. started the business when the condition of business and e-commerce was not stable, so they choose the name “Newegg” as the egg resemble the start of a new life. Slowly and gradually, they hold their ground and developed their business. The main motto of Newegg is to provide its customers with the best quality computer items, hardware, electronic appliances in one place. They provided full details of the products so that the customer can make his decision before purchasing any of the items. They do believe that the customers should be comfortable in every decision he/she takes so for that they provide product tutorials. Newegg follows the philosophy of unparalleled product selection with the best competitive market prices. They also believe in delivering the order on-time to their customers. They encourage their customers to choose their product wisely and give them the full specification of the product so that the customers can choose his/her product without any confusion.

They also offer reviews and opinions of the expert to their customers so that the customers can satisfy his/her self about the product and can buy their product without any hesitation or confusion.  Their first priority is customer satisfaction, and to fulfill their priority, they provide 24/7 customer service to their customers.

Customers can easily contact their customer service and can choose from different options on what kind of help he or she needs. They provide different options to their customers, including the queries about the return policy, exchange offers, order tracking, checking return status, finding the invoice, and much more. They have the best customer service among many online stores, that is why their business is growing so gradually.

Key Features of Newegg:

There are many key features of Newegg from which some are given below:

  • They have the wide variety of items available on their site from which a customer can choose.
  • They offer Newegg store credit card from which a customer can redeem rewards without paying anything.
  • They do offer Newegg Promo Code 20% Off on entire order from which a customer can avail up to 20% off on entire order.
  • They have reviews of each product so that the customer can choose his/her product without any confusion on his/her mind.
  • They offer gift cards to their customers from which they can avail discounts on their purchase. These gift cards are available on many sites, such as
  • They offer a special discount to the students. If you’re a student and want to buy your desired computer, smartphone, or any other equipment, just use your “.edu” email to unlock the Newegg student discount code.
  • Newegg offers premier membership to its customers from which they can avail 3 days guaranteed shipping; also, it includes many other deals and discounts which a premier member can avail by using Newegg premier promo code.

Quality Assurance:

Newegg Inc. has a strong belief in providing the best quality to their customers. They make sure that the item they are delivering to their customer has the best quality around the globe. Also, they have the best quality checking department that ensures the quality of the product before delivering it. Furthermore, if any customer has some complaints about the quality of the product, he/she can easily contact their customer’s service department. They will respond as soon as possible and will resolve the issue within 24 hours.

Brands available on Newegg:

They offer products from different famous brands. Newegg has a separate page on its site where these brands are listed from A to Z so that the customer can navigate his desired brand easily. Customers can choose his/her product from many famous brands including, Xpert Edge, Zero Lemon, Young Cheers, Zmall, ValueNetPC Inc, Vangoddy’s Marketplace, Ventmere, Vantechs Velocity Micro, Zoom Toner, and Vantechs Computers.

Return Policy:

You can return your product to Newegg which, you buy directly through their website. You must have to provide the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number for the return. You can obtain your RMA number from their customer service by contacting them from any means given in their “Contact Us” page. They have some guidelines for the return of any product. Once you meet all the requirements, you can return your product. You also need to return that product in the original packaging, including the original retail box, cable, and other stuff. Furthermore, any product which has missing UPC code or any product which is tempered or broken cannot be returned. You can read the complete Return policy guidelines on their Return Policy page.

Newegg’s Contact Information:

You can easily contact them as their customer service is available 24/7. You can visit their “Contact Us” page, where they have different options from which you can contact them. You can also contact them on their number, which is (844) 292 0888, by sending a text. All you have to do is to type “CSHELP” for help options. They will resolve your issue within 1-3 messages.  You can end the communication by texting “CSSTOP”. This service is only available for United States customers. They can also call you if you want, all you have to do is to visit their Contact us page and select the “Let us call you” option where you have to put your contact numbers and the call back time.

FAQs Newegg
  • Q. Can I change my order after placing it?
  • Unfortunately, you cannot change your order once you’ve placed it. You have to cancel your order and place it again.
  • Q. How can I make my payment on Newegg?
    • Apple Pay
    • Android Pay
    • Master Card
    • Newegg Store
    • Credit Card
    • Newegg Gift Card
    • Visa
    • BitCoin
    • Paypal
    • Discover
    • American Express
  • Q. How long will it take for the order to be shipped?
  • The Newegg shipping process will take 1-2 days, and it will take 2-3 days for the marketplace sellers.
  • Q. How to avail Newegg Promo Code 20% off on entire order?
  • Customer can easily get his/her Newegg promo code by visiting
  • Q. How to use Newegg Discount Code?
    • Visit the Newegg website
    • Search the product you need, once you find it, add it in your cart.
    • Visit your card and select the shipping method.
    • There you will find a promo code section where you’ve to put your email address.
    • After entering an email address, you will get the promo code box where you have to copy the promo code.
    • Once you’ve done all that, the promo will be applied, and you can avail your discount

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