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Bensons For Beds Discount Codes

Bensons for beds is the Britain’s the most favorite bed specialist company that is with their full dedication giving guarantee to their customers to get a great night’s sleep and over 50 years of their well-being. They are originally founded as a general store in 1950 by Cyril Benson, their first bed centre concept opened up in the year 1972.

In the year 2011, the new Bensons for Beds business started off and came into being and it merged the already existing Bensons for Beds, Sleep masters and the Bed Shed brands under one umbrella, like a family.

Bensons for Beds Discount Codes are available online to give an amazing discount online for their customers. Now, Bensons for Beds has got over 270 stores internationally around the globe. When you buy a bed from Bensons for Beds you can be sure of professional help and guidance, backed up by complete customer service and after sales facility.

Following widespread customer exploration, the Comfort Station was established which has been introduced in to every store.

The Comfort Station helps their customers to choose the comfort that is right for them. Beds are rated 1 to 5 in terms of firmness and quality, with 5 being the most firm and 1 as to being the lowest firm and quality oriented.

Their retail stores are supported by a head office of experienced marketing, buying and logistics groups, ensuring that they are giving their customers the best service. An integrated customer service function is also based in the UK head office, ensuring that customers’ queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Today, Bensons operates primarily as franchises on many large retails parks and they now have a growing number of stand-alone bed superstores and an assortment of extra ordinary great street stores.

They offer a huge range of styles, including leather bedstead, wooden bedsteads, metal bedsteads; children's beds and famous name UK branded beds from Sleep masters, Silent night, iGel, Sealy and Sensaform.

Not only they are focusing on the firmness and quality overall, but they are also focusing on the life style of their customers and targeting each class according to their desired comfort levels.

The rating system is a form of time to time evaluation that they are doing, which is the best way to maintain their qualities and keeping on to getting more and more feedback. Ultimately, along with focusing on qualities, Bensons for Beds is making sure to provide a better life style to their new customers as well as valuable regular clients.

Shopping Tips:

  • Follow them on Facebook and their website to stay updated with the recent sales and discount rates on various furniture items.
  • Check out the home page that has got the most recent categories and up-to date information for the new designs and bedding ideas.
  • Check out the free delivery options available on their website on your minimum purchases done online.
  • Select your desired category for easy and convenient shopping even with the recent sales and discounts shown on their website.


Q: How can I collect my order places through the website?

A: Smaller items can be collected from the branches of their local stores, while for the bigger ones, they provide with their delivery team to deliver them at your home.

Q: How long does the delivery take?

A: Once the order is placed, the delivery date and timing are given by them. Then, once the order is about to be delivered, they’ll let you know the exact timing and hours of delivery the orders are your home.

Q: How to file complain if the order has any problems?

A: You can call their telesales team on 0808 144 6160 Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm Saturday to Sunday 9am to 7pm

Q: How to know the particular size of furniture through online shopping?

A: The exact size of furniture is stated below and within the items itself. Described through inches and centimeters to give their customers the exact idea about the size that they are looking forward to purchase online.

More About:

For more and more ease of their customers, they have various options on their website such as Bed Size Options, Bed Frame options, choosing the right bed, Bedroom furniture options and so on. To make their customers understand the online store more effectively and efficiently.

They do understand that for their customers just going online on their website and buying the best isn’t always one easy thing to do.

That’s why when it comes to the purchasing of beds and mattresses, even they have to admit that all of them look familiar online. So for choosing the best one and helping out their customers, they have given specification and three simple steps for choosing the desired bed and mattress that they need.

Before buying a bed, some of the key considerations the customers have to make first revolve around its size. Will it meet their own height requirements? Fit in their bedroom? Will have no problem being carried into their property?

Bensons for Beds online store is dedicated to helping their customers to get answers to those questions and find the right size bed to suit their tastes, budget and available living space at their house.

With over 270 stores across the UK, the customers are certainly not too far from a Bensons for Beds shop and a step closer to finding their perfect bed even looking for it online on the store.

They are able to find the next-door store today by entering the nearest town or postcode, by using the list of retail parks or if the customers are on smartphones or tablets or iPhone, they can also locate the closest stores through the usage of GPS.

Their website is providing all the customers with the suitability of selecting their nearest local store through their region, local towns, postal codes and retail parks.

Customers can sign up on the website to receive the latest news and offers through entering their email addresses on the website.